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You’ve got many excellent speakers to choose from. So why should you choose Richard Hawk? What sets him apart from the rest of the field?

  • Richard understands it is your special event, not his.
  • Richard mixes it up!
  • Your audience will have fun AND walk away with plenty of practical tips and techniques they can use right away.
  • Richard is real.

When you hire Richard Hawk, you know you’re getting the world’s leading expert on making safety fun. Nuclear industry safety professional… National Safety Council certified… union employee… line worker… manager…

Richard’s background and real-life experiences in the safety field give him both the credentials and the insights that no other speaker has.

“You not only lived up to my expectations, you far exceeded them. Practical, insightful, funny and moving. Words can’t even do justice to the information you gave us this week. You have inspired me to inspire others, as well as look at the way I handle things at work and in life. I can truly say that meeting you has altered my life in a way that is hard to explain.”

Jamie Williams, S&W Ready Mix

Richard understands it is YOUR special event, not his.

What matters most to Richard is the success of your event, not whether he gets more business or boosts his ego. He is more than willing to adjust his content or change his approach to match your vision.

Over the last 25 years, Richard has spoken for literally hundreds of clients, at all times of the day and night, and in just about every imaginable venue – convention centers, banquet halls, the plant floor, break rooms, outdoor events, meeting rooms and even private homes. He can think on his feet and has the know-how and experience to respond to changing situations. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how many helpful suggestions he has to make your event a smashing success!

“Thank you for making our annual offsite event something truly special. You listened to our needs as a company and were incredibly creative and flexible in terms of structure and scheduling.”

Kate Callaghan, Suncor Energy

“We asked Richard to make a change in the program the night before, and he did without a moment’s hesitation. It went great!”

Andy Esposito, US Sugar Corporation

Richard mixes it up!

It’s rare to find someone who is both a safety professional and an entertaining presenter, but Richard fits the bill. More than just a “talking head,” he is also an accomplished singer-songwriter, musician, playwright, actor and author.

This unique combination gives Richard the ability to use many different techniques to engage, inspire and entertain your attendees. He weaves original songs and parodies into his talks and seminars, and he uses all kinds of props, prizes and lots of audience participation throughout each session.

“It is difficult to find a speaker who is both a safety professional and an entertaining, humorous speaker. The way you combine substance with fun is the best way to captivate an audience. Participants at the conference continued to talk about your presentations throughout the conference. Thank you so much for helping make our conference a success. I am sure we will be in touch for future events.”

Melodye A. Turek President, Colorado Safety Association

Your audience will have fun AND walk away with plenty of practical tips and techniques they can use right away.

Unless you hire Richard strictly to entertain, your audience will leave informed and inspired. Richard promises his audiences that the time they spend with him will be:

  1. Fun – who says you can’t have fun while you learn?
  2. Memorable – they will remember parts of the session for years to come.
  3. Practical – every presentation includes specific “here’s how you do it” points that will improve performance.

“It’s been several months since I attended your seminar, and I regularly use many of the things I learned there.”

Mark Craven, Dade Paper Co.

“Richard provided real tips and tricks that I can take back to my workplace and start using tomorrow.”

Jennifer Kness, Penn State Office of Physical Plant

Richard is real.

Clients often comment on how down-to-earth and helpful Richard is. Why is this important? Because audiences can sense whether someone is authentic. Both on and off the platform, Richard is very approachable and relatable, and he loves to “hang out” with his audiences before, during and after his presentations whenever possible. He is at home in front of virtually any audience – engineers, pipefitters, union employees, executives, teachers, even children!

“Everyone was so impressed with Richard and how much time he spent that day talking to folks. He’s real. He’s sincere. You can tell he actually believes what he’s preaching.”

Sharon Ketelsen, Nebraska Public Power District

Ready to book Richard for your next event?

Let Richard Hawk make your event one that attendees will remember and love. For booking information, contact Michele Lucia today at 214.543.0844 or michele@makesafetyfun.com.