Richard Hawk: The Leading Expert on Making Safety Fun!

It’s rare to find someone who is both a safety professional and an entertaining speaker and trainer. Richard Hawk has been in the safety and health field for more than 30 years. He spent 15 of them as a safety professional in the nuclear industry and as a safety advisor on constructions projects… | more about Richard

Why Choose Richard

Why Choose Richard Hawk

You’ve got many excellent speakers to choose from. So why should you choose Richard Hawk? What sets him apart from the rest of the field?

When you hire Richard Hawk, you know you’re getting the world’s leading expert on making safety fun.

Why Choose Richard

Richard’s Topics

Richard Hawk's Topics

  • Keynote topics – Book Richard Hawk as your keynote speaker!
  • Workshops – Who do more than 10,000 safety leaders turn to when they need training?
  • Consulting – The tools you need to create a dynamic and vibrant safety culture!

Richard’s Topics

Fun Safety Products

Fun Safety Products by Richard Hawk

Visit our store and get the tools you need to make your safety events the best ever!

Fun Safety Products

“You not only lived up to my expectations, you far exceeded them. Practical, insightful, funny and moving. Words can’t even do justice to the information you gave us this week. You have inspired me to inspire others, as well as look at the way I handle things at work and in life. I can truly say that meeting you has altered my life in a way that is hard to explain.”

Jamie Williams, S&W Ready Mix

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