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Are you looking for cutting-edge ideas and techniques to add new life to your safety and health program? Want to take your safety performance to a higher level?

Richard Hawk’s consulting and program-development services give you the tools you need to create a dynamic and vibrant safety culture.

Whether you are just starting on the road to improving your safety culture or you already have a successful safety program but are looking for ways to keep it fresh, Richard can help. He has created hugely successful company wide training and promotional programs, and he can do the same for you.

As the world’s leading expert on making safety fun, Richard is the go-to consultant for ideas, inspiration and implementation. With a unique combination of safety experience, creativity and program-development skills, he has a special talent for taking a topic that can often be dry and boring and turning it into something fun that employees will be excited about learning.

How can Richard add pizzazz to your safety and health programs?

  • In-house training programs and refresher training
  • Customized safety videos
  • Annual safety events
  • Safety marketing and promotional materials

When you hire Richard as a consultant, you get an awesome return on your investment! He won’t just exceed your expectations, he’ll surprise you with his creativity, commitment and practical solutions. (Plus…he’s fun to hang out with!)

Here are a few examples of Richard’s consulting and program-development work:

“It Can Happen To Me, It Can Happen Today”
Employee Training Campaign
Client: BP North America Inc. Retail Division

BP’s North American Retail Division has an excellent safety program and record. After hearing Richard speak at one of their managers’ meetings, the Vice President asked Richard to create a training program based on some of the points in his presentation. Together, Richard and a group of BP’s safety leaders came up with the theme, “It Can Happen To Me, It Can Happen Today.”

Richard designed the training campaign with an innovative syllabus and handout materials so that BP managers and trainers could easily facilitate a one-hour interactive seminar that would leave a lasting impression. The program also included a 15-minute video that was a core part of the training. Richard wrote the script, shot the video at and around a BP store, and wrote and produced the music.

“It Can Happen to Me, It Can Happen Today” was used extensively throughout North America and parts of Europe and was nominated for a Helios Award, one of BP’s most prestigious awards.

Thank you for doing such a great job with our training project. Your unique combination of safety knowledge, creativity and program development skills proved to be just what we needed for this groundbreaking program. I was skeptical that you could pull off your very ambitious plan with the video…although there was a bit of luck involved, it was primarily your direction, imagination and exuberance that carried the day. Thank you again, Richard, for all the exceptional products you developed and for making the project a fun experience. No doubt we’ll be using your services in the future.
Mike Watson, US Convenience Retail, BP North America

“The Safety Olympics”
Annual Refresher Training and Offsite Employee Safety Day
Clients: Cabot Super Metals and Suncor Energy

Cabot Super Metals hired Richard to take their annual safety and security refresher training to the next level. The employees raved so much about how much better the training was that Cabot hired Richard the following year to again do their refresher training. This is when he developed “The Safety Olympics” – a half-day learning “party” based on the ancient Greek Olympic games. Each training class was divided into teams that competed in fierce mental games built around safety topics (root cause, hazmat, blood-borne pathogens, ergonomics, etc.) that tied into the Olympic theme.

One of the highlights was a skit, “The Tale of Ergonopolis,” starring Helen of Trauma and her co-stars Standstraightacus and Hurtyourknees. After watching the skit, teams earned points by answering questions about what they had seen. In addition to being hilarious, the skit helped employees better understand ergonomics and how to take care of their bodies. Employees were amazed at how much fun it was and how much they learned. The training was a huge success, and Cabot asked Richard to also provide training for the company’s supervisors to help them improve their communication skills and increase their influence as safety leaders.

Later, when Suncor Energy called on Richard to help them create an offsite safety event for their employees, he revised the Safety Olympics theme to match Suncor’s topics and goals. This time, the Safety Olympics included a Safety Caption Contest and Job Task Analysis Challenge. Suncor’s Kate Callaghan shared, “The Suncor Safety Olympics was definitely a success. It struck the perfect balance between learning and fun, and we received amazing feedback from participants!”

Thank you for making our annual offsite event something truly special. You listened to our needs and were incredibly creative and flexible in terms of structure and scheduling of events. The events you designed got everyone excited to participate and really drove home the importance of safety in our everyday lives. We sincerely thank you for your enthusiasm and expertise, and look forward to working with you again in the future.
Kate Callaghan, Suncor Energy

“Safety Shorts”
One-Page Safety Talks and Promotional Products
Client: Imperial Oil

After bringing Richard in to speak, Imperial Oil was so impressed with his creativity, they asked if he could create interesting safety reminders for their truck drivers. “Safety Shorts” were born. “Safety Shorts” are fun, quick-read, one-sheet reminders on various safety topics. Richard initially created more than 70 “Safety Shorts”, and the following year, Imperial Oil asked him to create even more “It’s no easy task to come up with new ways to remind employees about topics they are already familiar with, but Richard can do it”.) “Safety Shorts” have been used by Imperial Oil as well as several of their contractor companies.

As always, you hit the mark with Safety Shorts. They are great!.
Keith Eliasson, Imperial Oil

See sample “Safety Shorts”:

Be A Lert Safety (PDF)

Dog Bites Safety (PDF)

Fatigue Safety (PDF)

Surprise Safety (PDF)

Richard can work the same magic for your company that he has for these clients. Stop boring your employees with the same old safety blah, blah, blah. Call Michele today at 214.543.0844, and let Richard add some pizzazz to your safety and health program. Your employees will be thrilled, and it will definitely improve their safety performance.